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This package contains tools to generate various reports.
Currently, only SUnit test report is supported. Also, options to 
control what to do are quite limited. More will come...

To run a test suite for a package, execute following command:

../../../projects/smalltalk/stx -I --quick --noBanner -f \
	-D <REPORTDIR> -r <REPORT> -p <PACKAGE> [-p <PACKAGE> [-p ... ]]

  <REPORTDIR>     is a directory where the report files are stored.
                  Currently the name of the file is fixed, being
  <REPORT>        Report class name. Currently, only Builder::TestReport
                  is supported.
  <PACKAGE>       Smalltalk/X package name for which to generate the report.


To run Smalltalk regression tests, issue following command:

../../../projects/smalltalk/stx -I --quick --noBanner  -f \
	-D /tmp -r Builder::TestReport -p stx:goodies/regression

When finished, you may find a report in file  /tmp/exept_regression-Test.xml