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--- a/UISpecificationTool.st	Fri Jul 27 17:02:06 2001 +0200
+++ b/UISpecificationTool.st	Fri Jul 27 18:11:17 2001 +0200
@@ -81,7 +81,10 @@
     ^super helpSpec addPairsFrom:#(
-'Aspect selector or binding for accepting the entry.'
+'Aspect selector or binding for a triggerValue to force accept.'
+'Accept even if text is unchanged.'
 'Enable sending of the entered string to the model with every key press.'
@@ -542,6 +545,9 @@
 'Aspect selector or binding for a holder on the selection.'
+'Text is initially selected.'
 'Pick the maximum extent from the canvases current extent.'
@@ -629,6 +635,9 @@
 'Method invoked when the beginning was reached by tabbing.'
+'Aspect selector or binding providing the model of the widget; (string-valued, unless a type/converter is given).'
 'Translate the label via the resource mechanism to a national language string.'