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--- a/UISpecificationTool.st	Mon Nov 18 11:40:59 2002 +0100
+++ b/UISpecificationTool.st	Fri Nov 22 11:46:08 2002 +0100
@@ -134,6 +134,9 @@
 'Enable auto-repeat of the action as long as the button is pressed (Must be Trigger-on-Down).'
+'Enable horizontal auto-scrollability to show the selection.'
 'Aspect selector or binding for a background color holder.'
@@ -576,11 +579,14 @@
 'Show/hide directory indicators for non-empty directories.'
-'Show/hide the directory indicator for the root item.'
+'Show/hide the indicator for the most left item.'
 'Show resize-handles (Default means: as specified by viewStyle).'
+'Show/hide the indicators.'
 'Show/hide column labels.'
@@ -671,6 +677,9 @@
 'Message sent when the up(left)-button is pressed.'
+'If on, default icons are drawn for each item which donot provide its own icon.'
 'If on, use the items index as selection; if off, use the items value.'