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help texts
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 'Aspect selector or binding for a boolean holder which enables the widget.'
+'Method invoked with end of thumb motion.'
 'If on, and the window is opened modal, the ESC-Key acts like a Cancel-action'
@@ -314,6 +317,9 @@
 'Method in the application to return a block retrieveing nodes (lazy) label.'
+'Defines the step used with cursor keys.'
 'The label of the widget.'
@@ -416,6 +422,9 @@
 'The value of the appletParameter.'
+'Aspect selector or binding for a holder on the indicators value.'
 'Aspect selector or binding providing the radioButton group-model.'
@@ -437,6 +446,9 @@
 'Name of the message sent to the application when an empty list entry is detected.'
+'Aspect selector or binding for a holder on the scrollers value.'
 'Message sent to the application to validate a selection (not selectable if false is returned).'
@@ -473,12 +485,18 @@
 'Size the widget to include space for the default-(return) bitmap.'
+'Aspect selector or binding for a holder on the sliders value.'
 'Aspect selector or binding for holding the selector returning a window specification.'
 'Defines the ranges minimum.'
+'Method invoked with start of thumb motion.'
 'Defines the step within the range.'