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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#107 Posssible memory overwrite when extending oldspace defect critical virtual machine fixed
#171 Fix crash in Smalltalk >> #keys defect critical default fixed
#185 MEM [error] (17-12-04 10:46:07): tried to mark strange object: 24efe30 in 24ef900(1) defect critical default fixed
#186 StX 8.0.0 crash when using workspace defect critical virtual machine fixed
#3 Review Smalltalk>>initSystemPath todo major default duplicate
#25 Tab labels not rendered properly when using Xft rendereing defect major default fixed
#63 Windowns specific classes are lost when build files are generated under Unix defect major default fixed
#66 No application icon under gnome-shell 3.16.3 defect major default fixed
#75 Merge Behavior>>basicNew: from upstream todo major default fixed
#92 stc may not detect Subversion 1.7+ repositories defect major stc fixed
#100 Revise and improve handling of SIGABRT and abort() todo major default fixed
#106 Revise support for binary revisions for snapshot-based SCMs todo major stc fixed
#109 unable to run on windows xp Jan Vrany defect major default fixed
#110 Fix `rake update` task to automatically download latest pre-built STC and librun todo major default fixed
#111 In GUI painter - activating/deactivting grid produces an error defect major default fixed
#112 Creating a simple application produces a MessageNotUnderstood]: Symbol does not understand: #theMetaclass in process UIPainter [564] error defect major default fixed
#120 Inspector2 does not show custom presentations defect major default fixed
#122 Downloading Stable build from Jenkins does not "see" styles - loaded with default Motif sytyle Jan Vrany defect major default fixed
#128 When in setting select tools/system browser/ code generator a CheckBoxSpec issue appears defect major default fixed
#130 A tab keypress should indent the whole block todo major default fixed
#145 DNU when opening help topic from dev tools defect major default fixed
#149 Check that all users of ___STX___new check for nil return value todo major default fixed
#172 Smalltalk/X fails to start on Windows when launcher script is run from different directory defect major default fixed
#176 [Windows-only] SmallSense unusable when autoraise feature turn-on defect major default fixed
#182 VM crashes while / shortly after running stx:goodies/smallsense tests defect major default fixed
#188 Missing output and garbage in the log when using Windows launcher Patrik Svestka defect major default fixed
#189 Distribute Smalltalk/X demos in "toy" archive todo major default fixed
#192 ** error 1 ** deleting objmingw/libstx_goodies_refactoryBrowser.dll defect major default fixed
#197 How to crash hard StX using a code paste defect major default fixed
#200 Kill StX with some kind of overflow defect major default fixed
#205 To kill StX environment with Smalltalk code - ByteCompilerError defect major default fixed
#228 Error while compiling from swing - error while downloading stc from swing (OpenSuSE) defect major default fixed
#103 Add shortcuts for common debugging operations todo minor default fixed
#108 Debug Trace not removed defect minor default fixed
#169 When changing a shortcut key for button send it should show the current shortcut defect minor default fixed
#184 Update welcome mesage for ST/X 8.0.0 defect trivial default fixed

Status: reopened (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#154 The embedded debugger on windows should behave the same way as on Linux defect major default
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