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#216 SmallSense suggestions do not work properly with subclasses new defect major
#217 [MessageNotUnderstood]: WinWorkstation does not understand: #monitorBounds in process ST/X Launcher [12] new defect major
#218 Smalltalk/X does not start from saved image new defect major
#220 Refactoring to "know" about subclasses (packages) new todo major
#221 Refactoring method name -> method ends up in __NoProject__ new defect major
#222 Switching view Category to Package should focus on the "main" package reopened todo major
#225 Missing a method which would split a string with separator included testing defect major
#227 Instance variable field is not visible due to the getters/setters checkbox new defect major
#229 Saving workspace into a file renames a directory which should not be renamed testing Patrik Svestka defect major
#232 A Class definition is randomly corretly populated or just blank. new defect major
#233 Moving privite class that has also a private class - deletes the second class new defect major
#234 Search and replace inserts a replacement string without any relevant "search for string" new defect major
#235 A selector shown but not focused new defect major
#236 Replace By: <text> with "Preserve Case" checked produces an error message new defect major
#237 Fix namespaces, private methods and global variables new todo major
#239 Fix all Smalltak/X source files to be in unicode (UTF8) testing defect major
#240 The canvas (from GUI Painter) starts with decoration beneath task bar when the task bar is placed on top of the screen new defect major
#241 WARNING: Class [warning] (2018-09-24 13:28:21.238): no valid version method in MenuButton new defect major
#242 Selecting Settings\Tools\Editor\Syntax Color settings produces a debug window new defect major
#243 Transcript text selection from bottom up is incorrectly copied new defect major
#244 Refactoring of instance variables does not work correctly with accessors new defect major
#245 Test results in the class area are inconsistently reported new defect major
#246 Changing a test, clicking on other test and clicking on accept shows a debugger window testing defect major
#248 Removing a line breakpoint can revert moving method between protocols new defect major
#249 Clickion on tab Geometric - Widget Gallery produces [MessageNotUnderstood]: testing defect major
#250 Smalltak/X is reading Windows Registry only in ASCII but registry is UTF16 testing defect major
#252 Smalltak/X is writing Windows Registry only in ASCII but registry is UTF16 testing defect major
#254 Text after a paste should behave like everywhere else - be deselected after paste new defect major
#255 Directory changed and when user eneters a file without path the file is stored in the default starting directory for Smalltalk/X new defect major
#257 [linux-KDE5] Smallsense with autoraise does not work correctly new defect major
#258 Review new implementation of `Win32OperatingSystem >> pathOfCommand:` new todo major
#260 Using mouse wheel when launching a program directly exe file freezes the application new defect major
#261 Entry field should not continue to next line new defect major
#262 Saving into image and reloading from it does not work correctly new defect major
#263 xor: method takes only aBoolean (but and: and or: takes aBlock) new defect major
#264 Selecting a block with arrows - shift + arrow up (or shift + arrow down) and then continue with page-up (page-down) produces an error new defect major
#265 Left clicking twice on `Senders...` item in menu produces an SmallSense error new defect major
#266 SmallSense bug when using a method selecting in a code new defect major
#267 When editing a method, after saving it the editor jumps to beginning new defect major
#268 Renaming a class with subclasses ends with an error new defect major
#270 Label class exposing logo instVar, but should expose label instead new defect major
#271 Local variable highlighting is off after a paste new defect major
#272 Making a selecting within a field with ctrl + home and/or ctrl+ end sometimes ends with a debugger new defect major
#273 Selecting syntax color setting raises a debugger with obsolete method warning new defect major
#274 Mercurial checking history on a Class - "Compare with newest in Repostiory" ends up in an error new defect major
#275 Mapping + as shorcut does not work as expected new defect major
#279 The shortcut combination ctrl + alt + <letter> does not seem to work right new defect major
#280 Mnemonic shortcuts do not work properly for the file menu new defect major
#281 [HGInvalidVersionError]: Unsuported Mercurial version (5.0.1) in process NewSystemBrowser [797] new defect major
#282 Search & Rewrite - MethodRewriter out of bounds new defect major
#283 Entering search & rewrite shows a warning code new defect major
#284 A bug in String search dialog - using Replace By: - adds superfluous replace string new defect major
#285 [Mercurial] Compare with newest in Repository on class produces - [SubscriptOutOfBoundsError]: subscript (0) out of bounds in process NewSystemBrowser [99] new defect major
#286 Search & rewrite tool - subscript out of bounds error new defect major
#287 libscm error - Parse error: Nothing more expected new defect major
#288 Float exponent is not compatible with other dialects (VW, Squeak, Dolphin, ...) new defect major
#290 binary and hex inspector extensions for LimitedPrecisionReal are wrongly padded new defect major
#291 LimitedPrecisionReal fmin subclassResponsibility not implemented new defect major
#292 GeometricSeries of Float is incorrect new defect major
#293 Typing (pressing) = (equal sign character) on 4th method edit line brings a debugger new defect major
#29 Test Runner Tool doesn't sometimes show that the test finished new defect minor
#35 Selection highlighting in CodeView2 new todo minor
#83 Font warnings - connected to Ms windows? new defect minor
#91 Raise all windows of a WindowGroup when any if it's windows is activated. new defect minor
#114 Chaning order (moving) of tabs with mouse within a tabbed window new defect minor
#117 Possibility to click with mouse (or jump out via keyboard) on Category in browser when only partial name has been entered new defect minor
#118 A FileIn operation should make a diff original code <=> fileIn code new defect minor
#141 Wrong example in WinWorkstation>> pixelSizesInFamily new defect minor
#175 Indicate action when performing 'Search String....' on Browser icon new defect minor
#209 HierarchicalListEditor gives obsolete #valueOfCanCut' method is obsolete. new defect minor
#215 Smalltalk Link: Parse error on empty method new defect minor
#231 [windows-only] I like the smalltalkx.svg icon, you can't get svg to work with windows. testing todo minor
#276 Minor bugs in KeyboardMap (libview) testing defect trivial
#278 Shifted shortchuts position on the main Smalltalk/X menu new defect trivial
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