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#154 The embedded debugger on windows should behave the same way as on Linux reopened defect 8.0.0 default
#124 Selecting a text with mouse and pasting does not replace the text, it adds to it. needs_work defect 8.1.0 default
#170 Pasting in StX should behave in what is now standard way of behavior new defect 8.1.0 default
#180 Add support for DTrace new todo 8.1.0 build scripts
#181 New configuration settings for modes: "Sheet of paper" and "Text editor" new todo 8.1.0 default
#2 Fix coverage reporter new defect
#5 Little star icon in UI builder no longer works new vranyj1 defect default
#7 Implementing unimplemented required method assigned vranyj1 enhancement
#9 Implement ephemerons new todo default
#16 Selection is lost when accepting missing required / inherited method new defect default
#19 Merging in ChangeSetDiffTool is broken new defect default
#20 Redesign (and reimplement) CodeView2 new todo default
#21 Better font rendering on X new todo default
#22 Support for simpler package deployment new todo default
#23 Move → To Class Protocol (Make Class Method) creates multiple undo items new defect default
#26 ChangeSetBrowser2: progress does not hide after reading whole file new defect default
#28 EditTextView has artefacts when rendered using Xft new defect default
#37 ChangeSetBrowser2 broken? new defect default
#43 Default SCM combo box should show only enabled managers new defect default
#44 Test button in source code management setting should operate on dislayed config... new defect default
#45 Inline search not working in hierarchical list new defect default
#46 MenuEditor / UIPainter does not preserve package of the method new defect default
#47 Saving specs or accepting code in debugger does to go through refactory undo mechanism new defect default
#48 Invalid code generated by stc for some blocks new defect stc
#49 Standalone test runner does not deal properly with skipped tests new defect default
#50 CVS Commit: do not pre-fill tag from previous commits new todo default
#52 Protocol selection is lost when switching between Do Not Show Inheroted Method/Show Inherited Methods Except Object's new defect default
#53 Protocol shows invalid method counts when switching to Show Inherited Methods Except Object's new defect default
#54 Better support for instvar modification breakpoints new todo default
#55 Embedded test runner does not display last outcome for inherited test methods new defect default
#56 Fix bad coding in EmbeddedTestRunner>>visibility:height: new defect default
#57 Keep stack of shadowed method instead of shallow list. new todo default
#58 Coverage reporter: do not include branch information new defect default
#59 Fix layout of embedded test runner. new defect default
#60 UI resize/update problem in lint view in browser new defect default
#64 VM crashes in fclose() accepted vranyj1 defect virtual machine
#69 On Linux, use memcpy(), memset() and memchr() new todo default
#70 Make sure the system compiles with -Werror=implicit-function-declaration new defect default
#71 STC does not online to:do: new defect stc
#72 Use poll() instead of select() new defect default
#74 X11: Correctly calculate DPI in #verticalPixelPerInch new defect default
#77 The StX freezes after resizing the window new vranyj1 defect VM support
#85 Slider widget is not reacting to mouse events and sometimes to keyboard events (cursor keys) new defect default
#87 Error when trying to find a Class (Classes -> Find Class) new defect default
#88 UIPainter canvas with grid on shows artefacts when restarted from a snapshot. new defect default
#97 GUI Painter Load dialog window does not update correctly Selector section new defect default
#99 An event for syntax highlighting is lost when reopening file or pasting code into Workspace needs_work defect default
#101 Improve support for view renderers new todo default
#102 Create a "dark" theme for Smalltalk/X assigned Patrik Svestka todo default
#104 VM hangs up (sometimes) when running PipeStreamTest>>testPipeWriteRead on Windows new defect virtual machine
#105 STC compiled forces result of #<, #<=, ... to be a boolean new defect stc
#173 Smalltalk/X loading from image fails new defect default
#174 Implement incremental oldspace compaction new todo virtual machine
#178 Selecting methods via shift + arrow does not work properly new defect default
#179 embedded debugger weird results new defect default
#187 Add (better) support for themes to code editor new todo default
#190 `Image fromView:` and `Image fromScreen` fails in XWayland sessions testing defect default
#191 Smalltalk/X batch launcher fails when custom options contain "tricky" characters for batch files testing defect default
#193 SmallSense tab key to fill functionality does not always work new defect default
#194 SmallSense to work with single mouse click when using suggestion new defect default
#195 SmallSense does not reflect new workspace reality new defect default
#196 SmallSense auto-complete when completion is unambiguous does not always work new defect default
#198 more->tools->format (aka alt + shift + f) destroyes Unicode string new defect default
#199 SmallSense suggestion does not unselect user written code or the code suggested is being ignored new defect default
#201 [windows-only] remove the always true color hack for StX new defect default
#202 Depth8Image error when starting StX in 8bit depth new defect default
#203 For any unsupported depth Smalltalk/X should print out a simple message that this depth is unsupported new defect default
#204 Check integer conversions new todo default
#206 When memory is exhausted the SmalltalkX environment is locked new defect default
#207 When using 16bit depth Image fromView:grab: produces 24bit image new defect default
#208 [linux-only] Error XftFontDescription does not understand: #xftDrawDestroy during finalization of: new defect default
#211 Right-click menu jumping erratically after starting and changing window focus new defect default
#212 Initial project commit from Smalltalk/X should not generate "[MessageNotUnderstood]:" new defect default
#213 Error while compiling an application on windows new defect default
#214 The application skin should be taken from the Smalltalk/X currrent skin or be somehow configurable new defect default
#216 SmallSense suggestions do not work properly with subclasses new defect default
#217 [MessageNotUnderstood]: WinWorkstation does not understand: #monitorBounds in process ST/X Launcher [12] new defect default
#218 Smalltalk/X does not start from saved image new defect default
#220 Refactoring to "know" about subclasses (packages) new todo default
#221 Refactoring method name -> method ends up in __NoProject__ new defect default
#222 Switching view Category to Package should focus on the "main" package reopened todo default
#225 Missing a method which would split a string with separator included testing defect default
#227 Instance variable field is not visible due to the getters/setters checkbox new defect default
#229 Saving workspace into a file renames a directory which should not be renamed testing Patrik Svestka defect default
#232 A Class definition is randomly corretly populated or just blank. new defect default
#233 Moving privite class that has also a private class - deletes the second class new defect default
#234 Search and replace inserts a replacement string without any relevant "search for string" new defect default
#235 A selector shown but not focused new defect default
#236 Replace By: <text> with "Preserve Case" checked produces an error message new defect default
#237 Fix namespaces, private methods and global variables new todo default
#239 Fix all Smalltak/X source files to be in unicode (UTF8) testing defect default
#240 The canvas (from GUI Painter) starts with decoration beneath task bar when the task bar is placed on top of the screen new defect default
#241 WARNING: Class [warning] (2018-09-24 13:28:21.238): no valid version method in MenuButton new defect default
#242 Selecting Settings\Tools\Editor\Syntax Color settings produces a debug window new defect default
#243 Transcript text selection from bottom up is incorrectly copied new defect default
#244 Refactoring of instance variables does not work correctly with accessors new defect default
#245 Test results in the class area are inconsistently reported new defect default
#246 Changing a test, clicking on other test and clicking on accept shows a debugger window testing defect default
#248 Removing a line breakpoint can revert moving method between protocols new defect default
#249 Clickion on tab Geometric - Widget Gallery produces [MessageNotUnderstood]: testing defect default
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