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#6 Method list in browser is not correctly refreshed. assigned vranyj1 defect
#29 Test Runner Tool doesn't sometimes show that the test finished new defect default
#35 Selection highlighting in CodeView2 new todo default
#83 Font warnings - connected to Ms windows? new defect default
#91 Raise all windows of a WindowGroup when any if it's windows is activated. new defect default
#95 Convert Aidaweb from SVN repository to Mercurial one new todo stc
#175 Indicate action when performing 'Search String....' on Browser icon new defect default
#209 HierarchicalListEditor gives obsolete #valueOfCanCut' method is obsolete. new defect default
#215 Smalltalk Link: Parse error on empty method new defect default
#231 [windows-only] I like the smalltalkx.svg icon, you can't get svg to work with windows. testing todo default
#114 Chaning order (moving) of tabs with mouse within a tabbed window new defect default
#117 Possibility to click with mouse (or jump out via keyboard) on Category in browser when only partial name has been entered new defect default
#118 A FileIn operation should make a diff original code <=> fileIn code new defect default
#141 Wrong example in WinWorkstation>> pixelSizesInFamily new defect default
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