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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#9 Implement ephemerons new major default
#20 Redesign (and reimplement) CodeView2 new major default
#21 Better font rendering on X new major default
#22 Support for simpler package deployment new major default
#50 CVS Commit: do not pre-fill tag from previous commits new major default
#54 Better support for instvar modification breakpoints new major default
#57 Keep stack of shadowed method instead of shallow list. new major default
#69 On Linux, use memcpy(), memset() and memchr() new major default
#101 Improve support for view renderers new major default
#102 Create a "dark" theme for Smalltalk/X assigned Patrik Svestka major default
#146 Revise RBContainsRule new major default
#167 Lock symbol database file only when its being updated new major stc
#168 HiDPI Cairo scaling new major default
#174 Implement incremental oldspace compaction new major virtual machine
#180 Add support for DTrace new major 8.1.0 build scripts
#181 New configuration settings for modes: "Sheet of paper" and "Text editor" new major 8.1.0 default
#187 Add (better) support for themes to code editor new major default
#204 Check integer conversions new major default
#220 Refactoring to "know" about subclasses (packages) new major default
#222 Switching view Category to Package should focus on the "main" package reopened major default
#237 Fix namespaces, private methods and global variables new major default
#258 Review new implementation of `Win32OperatingSystem >> pathOfCommand:` new major default
#35 Selection highlighting in CodeView2 new minor default
#95 Convert Aidaweb from SVN repository to Mercurial one new minor stc
#231 [windows-only] I like the smalltalkx.svg icon, you can't get svg to work with windows. testing minor default
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