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#3 Review Smalltalk>>initSystemPath todo major 8.0.0 default
#51 CVS Commit: do not pre-fill tag from previous commits todo major default
#219 Refactoring to "know" about subclasses (packages) todo major default
#223 Switching view Category to Package does not reflect the reality of method search defect major default
#274 Mercurial checking history on a Class - "Compare with newest in Repostiory" ends up in an error defect major default
#285 [Mercurial] Compare with newest in Repository on class produces - [SubscriptOutOfBoundsError]: subscript (0) out of bounds in process NewSystemBrowser [99] Jan Vrany defect major default
#287 libscm error - Parse error: Nothing more expected defect major default
#297 Settings Tools > Editor > Syntax Color brings a debugger with a #ObsoleteMethodCallWarning message defect major default
#300 Building application with Application Packager fails under Linux defect major default
#115 Make a dark theme for StX defect minor default
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