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HiDPI Cairo scaling

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Is it possible to have Cairo HiDPI scaling? It would be very useful to have it as the age of high-resolution displays is here.

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I havent done any reasearch w.r.t. HiDPI support in Cairo nor how one can implement it in St/X.
Cairo itself needs some care, the code rot over the time a little - especially on Windows. Any help welcome.

As for HiDPI support in St/X, I'm not sure if this is the best way to go. I was thinking more in a direction of using some native widget toolkit such as Qt or GTK. St/X would (initially) use a toolkits event loop and events and its drawing facility to draw windows. Each St/X widget would be then (from toolkits view) an instance of thin, custom QtStXWidget (or GTKStXWidget) which would delegate all drawing to a smalltalk code.

This way, we can keep all current smalltalk code, leave HiDPI (and other issues) to a toolkit and allow for gradual transition to "native" widgets and layout managers (which is the most problematic part of St/X UI Library).

Anyway, this is just an idea I'm playing with, no real intention to work on this in foreseeable future :-(

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