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Building application with Application Packager fails under Linux

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I'm trying to build a standalone executable of an hello world app.
As is described here.

I downloaded this 64bit build (branch 8.0.99 build 805) for linux and extracted the files. The system I use is Arch Linux with kernel 5.2.13.

To start Smalltalk/X is just used the shell script in the bin directory.

When I try to build the application with the packager it fails with the following error:

Cannot figure out my top directory (where stx/include and stx/rules are)

Nowhere in the downloaded files can i find "rules" nor am i unsure what "include" should contain. Even if i try to add a package repository that contains these files (such that they are present in "Smalltalk packagePath") the build process still fails because it can't find the file "stmkmf" in the "stx/rules" directory.

I found the stmkmf in the source here on trac and also here.

It looks like to me that there's a lot missing in order to actually build a native executable. And unfortunately there's no documentation whatsoever about his, besides the one that says it can be done easily in 5 minutes without any configuration or installation of extra build tools.

How to actually do this?

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

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Sorry my bad. This can be removed as it's a duplicate. Because i thought the SMTP error i got after hitting create ticket, caused the ticket not to be created.

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