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#37 new defect

ChangeSetBrowser2 broken?

Reported by: Jan Vrany Owned by:
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Reported by CG

DiffViewer? is broken (I think); try:
open a monticello repository browser
add the repository "www.smalltalkhub.com/NicolasPetton/JSON/main

make sure that you have the goodies/JSON package loaded
(so that the textDiff can show something)
in MCReposBrowser, select JSON/main
select JSON
select JSON-ul.35
now, in the text diff, if you first select one of the diffetent entries, it is shown OK.
then, select an equal item - still OK
now select another different item - crash
what happened somehow, is that a sScrollableView for a ScrollableView? with no contentsView is added

any idea?

More in the ChangeSet? browser (monticello-browse):
the menu items apply and apply all should be list-specific.
I just overwrote many methods (frustrating) by assuming, the the right menu only applies stuff listed on the right - it applies all.
Also keyboard shortcuts are wrong: S should (if focus is on right view) only apply that single change, not all of them.
I think, I already fixed that some time ago, but it got lost in the merge.
Did you actually merge in from CVS, before yougave me your changes when you were here?
I have the feeling that you dod not, as many bugs reappear, which ahve been long fixed.

Another bug: class instance variables are not handled

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