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On Linux, use memcpy(), memset() and memchr()

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...for those are usually twice as fast as hand-optimized C code. Not so on Windows (perhaps MS libc's implementation is not as good as GLIBC's). See results of bench-memchr.c and bench-memcpy.c

stx:stc commit 5ac5233bd4c4 enables them, but something then breaks (not usage of memchr(), though). The problem manifests itself in a funny way - some UI stylesheets are not properly initialized, code editor does not show some lines which appear when you scroll and so on. To check, try open settings dialog with some checkboxes.

Commit 5ac5233bd4c4 has been reverted (4d7bb8c70853)

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by vranyj1

I forgot to mention this has been observed on 64bit builds.
First thing is to check the compiler does not bark on bad/missing prototypes!

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