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X11: Correctly calculate DPI in #verticalPixelPerInch

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XWorkstation does not properly calculate height and heightMM so #verticalPixelPerInch return wrong value on multihead displays.

The problem is that DisplayHeightMM() does not work with Xinerama well. One has to use XRandR XRRGetSizes() to compute individual DPIs on each screen and
then merge.

A solution would be to do the same as for #monitorBounds and have #monitorBoundsMM that uses the XRandR call.

Note, that
http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/75344/how-does-x-server-calculate-dpi the guy suggest that X.org since 1.7 hardcodes DPI to 96 as well as Gnome. Seems to be true based on my system...

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