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Troubleshooting Smalltalk/X build process

Despite all the time we invest into a new build environment, the building process is still not fool proof and things may go wrong. Easily than you may think :-) This page contains description of some of common problems and provides some hints.

Obviously, this list is incomplete and we'll add more as we'll go by...

How to generate symbols

You cannot compile librun? Do you have your symbols.h empty?

cd <builder>/build/stx/librun
rm -rf symbols.h
make STC=../stc/stc symbols.h

I updated rbspec files, re-compiled but the new projects are not included

  • Go to the <buildtree>/builder/build/projects/smalltalk
  • Use
    make clobber
    rake compile

How to create *.c file?

For example, you have InstvarAccessSample.st. To create *c file, type:

make InstvarAccessSample.c

Do not forget to delete the *c file after it becomes obsolete. rake/make does not automatically delete the *c files, but it uses them to do the *so library.

I have a build error

This might be tricky, now

stx: not founf

/bin/sh: stc: not found
make[1]: *** [__STANDARD_C_RULE__] Error 127


make STC=../stc/stc

Why there are no sources for librun and stc?

These sources are not available. You have to either ask eXept or use precompiled versions.

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