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Features & Fixes

...available in Smalltalk/X jv-branch which are not integrated to eXept's version

Base Runtime

(stc, virtual machine, basic classes)

  • FIX: Fixed nasty bug in memory manager causing VM to crash in LIFO remset processing after a scavenge. See commit 95424d78c089/stx.librun.
  • ENH: Added an API for smalltalk-level JIT compiler. For details, see API announcement and examp;es. See 19a467599861/stx.librun.
  • ENH: Speed restart from snapshot (approximately 4 times) by speeding up various lookups See f7d321288000/stx.librun and fac1756ff585/stx.librun.
  • ENH: In STC generated code, always refer class object using __STX_SomeClass instead of just SomeClass, i.e., use __STX_ prefix. This allow to #undef SomeClass in case it clashes with included definitions.
  • FIX: Fixed bug #68: String>>indexOf:startingAt: broken under Windows/ MINGW64. See 5fd16edf5a5f/stx.libbasic.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in LargeInteger literals in stc-compiled code.
  • ENH: Performance & functional improvement in FFI callouts (see de37550dc3dd/stx.libbasic)
  • FIX: Fixed a baad bug causing VM crash when one set a breakpoint on Java Method (see librun commit 79868de791e7)
  • ENH: Fill in Block source position, i.e., an offset of opening bracket. Given a Block instance, one may ask for it's source position by aBlock sourcePos. Moreover, one can get a parse tree (RB) of the block by aBlock parseTree. This allows for nice optimizations in PetitParser compiler.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in Java synchronized method invocation (see issue #84.
  • FIX: Fixed FileStream>>position, position: and setToEnd when stream is in non-buffered mode. See commit 5e7e40d367f2
  • ENH: When VM is compiled in DEBUG mode (default), allocate extra guard pages behind each newspace halve.
  • FIX: Fixed baaad bugs in various allocation routines causing overflow to memory behind newspace and thus trashing whatever data are there. See commit 384622fa1a79. Few VM routines suffered the same.
  • FIX: Fixed initialization of poly caches (they have not been cleared properly)
  • ENH: Performance fixes in String>>at: and Array>>at:/at:put: - see 877a8f1b326d/stx.libbasic and 9e4db770f8f5/stx.libbasic

Development tools

(stx:libtool, stx:goodies/smallsense, stx:goodies/refactoryBrowser, ...)

  • ENH: Revamped build script allowing anybody to build Smalltalk/X jv-branch from source. See wiki page on building Smalltalk/X jv-branch from sources. Thanks to Patrik Svestka for making me to do this!
  • ENH: Integrated Jakub Nesveda's excellent custom refactorings (announcement)
  • ENH: Mercurial: Added support for commit amending (i.e., for hg commit --amend. See stx:libscm issue 19.
  • ENH: Added support for auto-configuration of SCMs. This means that in a common case it is no longer necessary manually manage mapping from package to its source code manager. See 30f4d586370e/stx.libbasic3.
  • FIX: Fixed SVN to work with SVN 1.7. See 6558c17e1a7f/stx.libsvn

User Interface

(stx:libview, stx:libview2, stx:libwidg, stx:libwidg2)

Bug Fixes

Select a DictionaryInspectorView/right click on protocol space and select new/then close the window by the upper right cross
Downloading Stable build from Jenkins does not "see" styles - loaded with default Motif sytyle
Inspector2 does not show custom presentations
Make a dark theme for StX
Creating a simple application produces a MessageNotUnderstood]: Symbol does not understand: #theMetaclass in process UIPainter [564] error
In GUI painter - activating/deactivting grid produces an error
unable to run on windows xp
Cleanup and document package path initialization
Restart from snapshot crashes when initial working directory is not directory of stx.exe (Windows only)
32bit Linux build crashes when compiled using GCC 5.x
stc does not handle CVS-under-Mercurial working copies
stc may not detect Subversion 1.7+ repositories
Convert all repositories from SVN to Mercurial and move them to BitBucket
Fix build tools to allow easy (re)compilation of whole IDE or application for deployment.
Starting StX with saved image kills the whole environment
Can not place widget on the NewApplication window (the preview of the app window)
[MessageNotUnderstood]: UIPainterView does not understand: #deviceClippingRectangle in process UIPainter [736]
Saving snapshot breakes the image (win64) - build 2103
Settings => mercurial+ => MessageNotUnderstood
Getting an error when trying to use MenuBar element in Menu tab in widget
Test Runner Tool window appears from nowhere
Merge Behavior>>basicNew: from upstream
Add tests for selector namespaces to regression tests
String>>indexOf:startingAt: broken under Windows/ MINGW64
RBParser does not parse symbols with ::
String #hash return different values for instances of String and Unicode16/32String
Wrong version parameter for Windows
Fix RBParser to support annotations/pragmas
CVS Commit: do not pre-fill tag from previous commits
User-defined (Xft) fonts are not preserved upon snapshot restart...
In project view. selecting a class selects class's package and all extending packages
ChangeSet>>fromStream: fails to read changes from non-positionable stream
Cannot delete class using shortcut (Delete)
Lint button is disabled in project view
Assertion failed in EditTextView
Selection is lost when selecting rules in lint rule selection dialog.
XftFontDescription causes crash on snapshot restart
Explainer crashes when explaing method in Autoload class
startup error - NoHandlerError: Depth8Image does not understand: #isViewBackground
XftFontDescription should respond to #encoding
No text rendered in ChangesBrowser when using Xft fonts
Tab labels not rendered properly when using Xft rendereing
RenderBadPicture (invalid Picture parameter) error when using Xft rendering
CodeView2 line numbers clipped when exceed 999
Cypress support broken
DNU in browser when selecting Selector → Compare menu
Migrate NewSystemBrowser to use InlineMessageDialog.
Class category is not updated when class changes
In-place search in class category list is broken
Class list in browser does not refresh when testcase status changed
Bug in (probably) selection handing in UIPainter
Ugly fonts in Smalltalk
Accept/Cancel bar is shown twice.
Review Smalltalk>>initSystemPath
'Build' button in FileBrowserV3 no longer works

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