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Features & Fixes

...available in Smalltalk/X jv-branch which are not (yet) integrated to eXept's version

Base Runtime

(stc, virtual machine, basic classes)

  • FIX: Fixed bug in Java synchronized method invocation (see issue #84.
  • FIX: Fixed FileStream?>>position, position: and setToEnd when stream is in non-buffered mode. See commit 5e7e40d367f2
  • ENH: When VM is compiled in DEBUG mode (default), allocate extra guard pages behind each newspace halve.
  • FIX: Fixed baaad bugs in various allocation routines causing overflow to memory behind newspace and thus trashing whatever data are there. See commit 384622fa1a79. Few VM routines suffered the same.
  • FIX: Fixed initialization of poly caches (they have not been cleared properly)