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Features & Fixes

...available in Smalltalk/X jv-branch which are not integrated to eXept's version

Base Runtime

(stc, virtual machine, basic classes)

  • ENH: In STC generated code, always refer class object using __STX_SomeClass instead of just SomeClass, i.e., use __STX_ prefix. This allow to #undef SomeClass in case it clashes with included definitions.
  • FIX: Fixed bug #68: String>>indexOf:startingAt: broken under Windows/ MINGW64. See 5fd16edf5a5f/stx.libbasic.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in LargeInteger literals in stc-compiled code.
  • ENH: Performance & functional improvement in FFI callouts (see de37550dc3dd/stx.libbasic)
  • FIX: Fixed a baad bug causing VM crash when one set a breakpoint on Java Method (see librun commit 79868de791e7)
  • ENH: Fill in Block source position, i.e., an offset of opening bracket. Given a Block instance, one may ask for it's source position by aBlock sourcePos. Moreover, one can get a parse tree (RB) of the block by aBlock parseTree. This allows for nice optimizations in PetitParser compiler.
  • FIX: Fixed bug in Java synchronized method invocation (see issue #84.
  • FIX: Fixed FileStream>>position, position: and setToEnd when stream is in non-buffered mode. See commit 5e7e40d367f2
  • ENH: When VM is compiled in DEBUG mode (default), allocate extra guard pages behind each newspace halve.
  • FIX: Fixed baaad bugs in various allocation routines causing overflow to memory behind newspace and thus trashing whatever data are there. See commit 384622fa1a79. Few VM routines suffered the same.
  • FIX: Fixed initialization of poly caches (they have not been cleared properly)
  • ENH: Performance fixes in String>>at: and Array>>at:/at:put: - see 877a8f1b326d/stx.libbasic and 9e4db770f8f5/stx.libbasic

Development tools

(stx:libtool, stx:goodies/smallsense, stx:goodies/refactoryBrowser, ...)

  • ENH: Integrated Jakub Nesveda's excellent custom refactorings (announcement)
  • ENH: Mercurial: Added support for commit amending (i.e., for hg commit --amend. See stx:libscm issue 19.
  • ENH: Added support for auto-configuration of SCMs. This means that in a common case it is no longer necessary manually manage mapping from package to its source code manager. See 30f4d586370e/stx.libbasic3.
  • FIX: Fixed SVN to work with SVN 1.7. See 6558c17e1a7f/stx.libsvn

User Interface

(stx:libview, stx:libview2, stx:libwidg, stx:libwidg2)