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NOTICE: Due to the lack or time in a soon future, these ideas are put on hold and are no longer being worked on. It may happen that some time in a future, I'll resume work on this. If you're interested, let me know.


TODO: Planned features & enhancements & ideas

This page summarizes things I would like to do if time allows. Some of them are easy, some of them would require a lot of research and work. I'm working on these items in no particular order, depending on my actual needs and mood.

The idea is to gather all TODOs (including nice-to-haves) here in a structured way and once there's more to write/comment about particular leaf node, create a todo ticket and comment there.

Of course, open bugs will (well, should :-) be fixed first. You may also want to check all TODO tickets.

Virtual Machine

The hard stuff...

  • Ephemerons
  • Full breakpoint support
  • Pool (arena) based malloc() replacement for use with external C libraries.
  • Late-bound globals (make global access a kind of message send)
  • Fully reified (poly)inline caches.
  • Rewrite stc (would require lot of time)
  • True multithreading (this is properly difficult)

Smalltalk Language & Compiler

  • Type annotations and pluggable type system for St/X
  • Hidden (non-source) method annotations.
  • Refactor ByteCodeCompiler to support pluggable transformations.

Base system

  • UNIX/Linux support
    • Implement XDND protocol
    • Support for translucent PNG icons in (at least) menus
  • Support for deployment packaging (deploy complete package in a single file)
  • Mini-framework for shortcut management (current scheme is not good)
  • Replace UserPreferences with something better.
  • Add --sources option to standalone app to allow debugging deployed applications
  • Finish port of Metacello and finish Sake (in order to get rid of rakefiles)

Development Environment & Tools

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