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Smalltalk/X 6.2.5 jv branch

Smalltalk/X jv branch

Smalltalk/X jv branch is an version of Smalltalk/X maintained by Jan Vrany. This enhanced version includes features that are not part Smalltalk/X upstream nor released by eXept. Simply put, Smalltalk/X jv-branch is Smalltalk/X on steroids :-)

We refer this enhanced distribution as jv branch


  • 32bit and 64bit version for both Linux and Windows
  • Improved VM with many fixes
  • Improved tools like class browser, inspector, file browser, change browser...
  • STX:LIBJAVA to load and run Java inside Smalltalk/X
  • Mercurial support
  • SmallSense coding productivity plugin
  • Tools for diffing and merging Smalltalk/X packages
  • Much more...

For more detailed list of differences (as compared to official eXept version), see Features & Fixes and Changelog

This is unofficial release so do not submit any bugs to eXept. All bugs should be submitted here. If you have any question, do not hesitate and ask at stx-jv@googlegroups.com