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#66 new defect

ClassLoaderTests fails when stx:libjava testsuite is run together with stx:libjava/experiments testsuite.

Reported by: Jan Vraný Owned by: Jan Vraný
Priority: major Milestone: milestone:
Component: stx:libjava Keywords:


When stx:libjava testsuite is run alone using:

../goodies/builder/reports/report-runner.sh -S "Stdin close." -D . -r Builder::TestReport -p stx:libjava

all tests including ClassLoaderTests pass. When run together with stx:libjava/experiments testsuite like:

../goodies/builder/reports/report-runner.sh -S "Stdin close." -D . -r Builder::TestReport -p stx:libjava -p stx:libjava/experiments

some of the test fails. namely:

  • stx/libjava/tests/lang/ClassLoaderTests>>#testNiceClassLoaderSelfLoading
  • stx/libjava/tests/lang/ClassLoaderTests>>#testTwoSameClassesInDifferentCLsAreDifferent
  • stx/libjava/tests/lang/ClassLoaderTests>>#testNiceClassLoaderSelfLoading2
  • stx/libjava/tests/lang/ClassLoaderTests>>#testNiceClassLoaderSelfLoadingWithPreCaching

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