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Remove Pharoisms to make code more portable and running on Smalltalk/X * Use ANSI `(Character codePoint: 13)` (`10`) instead of `Character cr` (`lf`), This is more portable and does not depend on dialects interpretation of `#cr` - Smalltalk/X convert it according to platform line end convention (UNIX/Windows/Mac) * Do not assume exact value of a printstring in tests, i.e., instead of `msg includesSubstring: '$a' code `msg includesSubstring: $a printString. This way, the test is independent on the printString value, which may differ among dialects. Q: Is printString value of String and/or Character defined in ANSI? * In assestions, instead of `#equals:` use plain old `#=`, which is more portable. * Removed Character>>- used to create range parser. Use portable `(Interval from: $a to: $z) asParser` instead of just `$a - $z`. Do not use ($a to: $z) asParser as in Pharo, Character>>to: does not create an Interval but an Array (sigh).

"{ Package: 'stx:goodies/petitparser' }"

PPParser subclass:#PPFailingParser

!PPFailingParser class methodsFor:'instance creation'!

message: aString
	^ self new setMessage: aString
! !

!PPFailingParser methodsFor:'accessing'!

	"Answer the error message of the receiving parser."

	^ message
! !

!PPFailingParser methodsFor:'initialization'!

setMessage: aString
	message := aString
! !

!PPFailingParser methodsFor:'pp-context'!

parseOn: aPPContext
	^ PPFailure message: message context: aPPContext
! !

!PPFailingParser methodsFor:'printing'!

printNameOn: aStream
	super printNameOn: aStream.
	aStream nextPutAll: ', '; print: message
! !

!PPFailingParser class methodsFor:'documentation'!

    ^ '$Header: /cvs/stx/stx/goodies/petitparser/PPFailingParser.st,v 1.4 2014-03-04 14:32:28 cg Exp $'

    ^ '$Header: /cvs/stx/stx/goodies/petitparser/PPFailingParser.st,v 1.4 2014-03-04 14:32:28 cg Exp $'


    ^ '$Changeset: <not expanded> $'

    ^ '$Id: PPFailingParser.st,v 1.4 2014-03-04 14:32:28 cg Exp $'
! !