Faculty of Information Technology
Software Engineering Group


SWING is a (former) research group at Faculty of Information Technology, Department of Software Engineering.



  • Michal Valenta
    michal • valenta [at] fit • cvut • cz
  • Jan Vraný
    jan • vrany [at] fit • cvut • cz

Smalltalk/X jv branch is a fork of Smalltalk/X developed and maintained by me. This enhanced version includes features that are not part Smalltalk/X upstream nor released by eXept (and likely won't be).

Simply put, Smalltalk/X jv-branch is Smalltalk/X on steroids :-)


STX:LIBJAVA is a lightweight Java environment implemented within a Smalltalk/X jv-branch. It contains a tiny JVM implementation, embedded in the Smalltalk/X VM, allowing for running a Java code in the same VM as Smalltalk. But mora than that! Following Smalltalk tradition, it provides not only a VM but also a set of tools for developing and debugging Java code.