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Issue #239: Fix all Smalltak/X source files to be in unicode (UTF8 without BOM) and prefixed by "{ Encoding: utf8 }" when any unicode character is present - All source *.st files are now Unicode UTF8 without BOM Files are in two groups (fileOut works this way in Smalltalk/X): - containing a unicode character have "{ Encoding: utf8 }" at the header - ASCII only are without the header

This directory contains additional high level graphical development tools;
currently, a new multipane inspector is found here.

These are normally not needed for final applications.

Depending on the configuration and capabilities of your Operating-
System, the resulting classlibrary is either:

	libtool2.a     - an archive

	libtool2.obj   - a prelinked object library

	libtool2.so    - a shared object

the library includes init code (libtool2_Init) for all of its components.

Things you can do here:

    make                compile all classes, producing libtool2

    make objs           compile all object files

    make install        compile all and install in DESTLIBDIR

    make qinstall       only install - assumes binaries are up-to-date 

    make check          syntax check only over all .st files

    make <file>.o       compile <file>.st to object-file

    make <file>.c       compile <file>.st to c intermediate

    make clean

    make clobber